Fall Love

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!

Happy First day of Fall!

Seriously. Where did summer go? I swear as I get older the faster the days/months/years go by. For reals though, this summer was the fastest, busiest, most fun summer in awhile (actually, last summer was pretty awesome, too. Okay, just kidding, all summers are awesome). It was filled with walks down by the water, my annual race of Ragnar Relay, LOTS of weddings, BBQ’s, birthday celebrations, and so much more. I freakin’ loved it! Summer is hands down my favorite season.

It seems like someone just turned the switch and it went from summer to fall like that. And although I love the long summer days, I am very much welcoming this cooler, crisper Autumn air. It feels so refreshing. I feel like this time of year feels more like a time for renewal rather than January. I tend to hibernate a little bit in the fall and winter and usually have more time to myself to reflect and just kinda take a deep breath and…relax. I tend to watch more Harry Potter, drink more tea, and read more during this time of year.

The two things that I’m really excited about this fall are 1) FANTASY FOOTBALL  and 2) layering. It’s my first year being on a Fantasty Football team and I have to say, it makes watching football so much more exciting! I’m a total Seahawks girl till I die, but I have to say, rooting for players that aren’t on your normal team roster is fun. It helps you appreciate the players a lot more as really great athletes. I’ve learned wayyy more about football this year already than I have of all my years of football watching. My team name is “Lorem Ipsum” and if you’re a designer, you’ll probably appreciate it.

Layering. Okay, so this has been one of the hottest summers in Washington lately and it’s really hard to wear clothes comfortably when it’s 90 degrees out. Most weekends, I usually ended up in the same shorts, flip flops, and Nike tank with a messy top knot bun. Boring, right? Well, now I can wear a white t-shirt, chambray button-up, and a sweater with boots and be super happy (oh yeah, and some kind of pants). I love layers. I love scarves, sweaters, button-ups (even with my disadvantage, AKA big boobs), boots, leggings, and jackets! Dude. Jackets. They’re my kryptonite. My mom would always be like, “You don’t need another jacket. You have six more just like it.” BUT MOM! This one has studs! Never helped my case.

If any of you are from the Pacific Northwest, you know how bi-polar our weather can be here. It’ll be foggy and chilly in the morning, then it’ll piss rain, then it’ll all of a sudden be 75 degrees out for like 20 minutes and then hail. So layers are almost a must here. Check out some of my photos below for some layer-spiration.









holla back!

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