Photo by Luis Monteiro

Photo by Luis Monteiro

Hey bloggers,

It’s been awhile, a little too long of awhile. First of all, I have to apologize for falling off the blogging horse. A lot has happened in the past few months that made me put Bold + Studded on the backburner, hell let’s be honest, it wasn’t even on a burner. I had let things happen in my life that allowed my priorities to get out of whack. It messed up my blogging schedule, it affected my work, my relationship, my friendships, it even took a toll on my eating and sleeping habits. Now that time has passed and I feel as though I am back to being “me” and getting everything aligned again, Bold + Studded is definitely back on the burner and will be spilling with all sorts of design, fashion, and reviews.

A few weeks ago, my boss had challenged my c0-workers and me to spend an hour or so to ourselves to think about our personal organization processes. I finally took that hour today and read this book that my boss had used when he attended some training on organization. It was from a Franklin and Covey seminar and there were so many good topics to think about, and not just professionally. Although it touched heavily on how to keep on track at work and how to stay focused on the bigger things instead of always trying to put out the fires, the book also spoke about how to keep the things that are truly important to you in your life in check as well. So I made a list of all the roles in my life that I want to always be in mind of, they consist of: Graphic Designer, daughter, girlfriend, sister, friend, teammate/athlete, and blogger. I wrote a sentence about how I wanted those roles to look like and how I was going to do that. My sentence for being a blogger was about becoming transparent, passionate, and consistent and I will get there by posting at least once a week and spending two hours a week on research. It may not sound like much, but after a three month hiatus, I have to start somewhere, right?

Until next time…