Birchbox // August 2013

Birchbox August 2013

Happy day bloggers!

I hope you are all having a wonderful September–isn’t it crazy that we’re more than half way through it? Well, let me catch you all up on some things in my life. I have currently become computer-less. My MacBook Pro of six years has officially passed away. It was a sad and solemn day, but there is good news; I’ll be getting a new iMac (woo hoo!). As of right now though, my lovely boyfriend is allowing me to use his MacBook when he visits.

Alright, enough of my computer-less nonsense, let’s talk Birchbox! I have to be honest, when I first received my August Birchbox, at first glance I wasn’t too excited about the products I received, but then when I tried them out I totally fell in love! You know how that saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Here’s what I got in my August box:

KMS California, Freeshape Hot Flex Spray
Hands down, this is probably my favorite product that I have received out of all of my Birchbox products. I’m so not kidding, it’s amazing! I just recently chopped my hair off (you can read the post about it here) so I’ve been styling it a lot more. With this stuff, all you do is spray it in damp hair, blow dry it and style it how you like it, and then done! I usually take the flat iron to it, too. This spray helps keep your hair in place until you wash it out. I’ve even gone a second day without washing my hair and it still keeps its hold. I will definitely be buying this product full-size, which is only $18.99.

OC8, Professional Mattifying Gel
I don’t normally use any kind of lotions or anything on my face before make-up, but when I used this Mattifying Gel, it did wonders to my skin. It helped even out my skin tone and made my face feel fresh all day, even with my make-up on. Plus, I tend to get a little “shiny” throughout the day and this definitely helped to minimize that. Super great product!

stila, stay all day liquid lipstick
I’ve been receiving a lot of different lip products in my boxes and to be honest, this one isn’t my favorite. But I will say this, it truly does stay almost all day. It comes in a liquid formula and the brush is almost like a sponge and it’s a little odd putting on, but when it dries it’s a nice matte red that sticks with you throughout your day.

Whish, Exfoliating Body Wash
This body wash is glorious. Not only does it just smell heavenly, but it scrubs and exfoliates beautifully. I’m pretty tough on my skin; I workout quite often and literally sweat like a fat piggy, but this wash just rejuvenated my skin and made it feel so soft as soon as I washed it away. And again, I just have to say the smell is just so delicious! It’s a coconut enriched scrub with sugar cane and bamboo powder; you can’t go wrong with those ingredients!

Whish, Hair Inhibiting Deodorant Swipes
Like I said, I workout quite a bit, so extra deodorant? Yes, please! What I like about these is that you don’t get that horrible white streak from normal deodorant formulas. It was quite refreshing, it’s like I didn’t even feel like I was wearing deodorant and I didn’t feel sticky, either. Unfortunately I only received one swipe, so I can’t really say if the “hair inhibiting” is true, but just for the clean and freshness I would definitely use this product again.

Birchbox’s August theme was “Finishing School” and I definitely felt refreshed, clean, and bright. And as usual, I am looking forward to seeing my September box, which is all about Birchbox’s 3rd Birthday with a focus on heritage. Happy Birthday Birchbox!

Also, guess what? My lovely friend Hilary of Cutie Cameras is celebrating her one year birthday of her blog! So in celebration, she is doing is a giveaway that includes a framed print made by me! You can enter to win this beautiful giveaway here!

Have a great week, bloggers!



Cutie Cameras Giveaway!

My friend Hilary ( is celebrating her one year anniversary of her blog! And to celebrate, she is giving away a box filled of awesome things made by her and even a print made by me! Go to her blog, find your favorite post by her, and then leave a comment on the post about her birthday!

September 30th is the last day to enter, so make sure you enter soon!

Cutie Cameras

Last September I set out on a blogging journey.
I started Cutie Cameras because I wanted to have an outlet to discuss photography and life.
It feels like just yesterday that I started.
I cannot believe it has been a year!
So much has changed and it is really fun to look back at old posts and see how far I’ve come.
In honor of Cutie Cameras’ one year anniversary I thought this would be a great time to have a giveaway!
Below are the items you could win!

To enter simply look through the blog and leave a comment on this post about your favorite feature/post!

If you like my blog, please subscribe!

Entry ends September 30th at midnight so make sure you enter right away!! The giveaway is limited to residents of the United States and the winner will be contacted shortly after September 30th.
Thank you all…

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Geek Out // Free iPhone Wallpaper


Happy September everyone!

Isn’t it crazy how quickly the year has gone by? I feel like I just rang in the new year! Well, a lot has happened just in these short eight or so months and I feel like I’ve changed a lot since the beginning of this year. Recently I have been researching tattoos. The tattoo I would like to get would be simple, small, but meaningful. Within my research I have found that triangles, in mathematical terms, stand for change. So I’m currently debating on whether to get a triangle tattoo or not. I did find a pin on Pinterest on how to create your own temporary tattoo, so I think I’m going to test it out before I go full throttle under the needle. You can find the how-to here and my triangle-inspired wallpaper below! Enjoy!