Craving // Peplums


Peplum + Pencil Skirt

Peplum Jacket

I am just head over heels for peplums right now! What I love most about peplums is what they do to a woman’s figure. It sits just perfectly at the smallest part of a woman’s waist, then how it flares out and then makes the waist look even smaller! It’s just fantastic. Peplums can come in all sorts of styles, it doesn’t have to be just a top, it can also be a part of a skirt or dress,  or it could be a peplum jacket like in the third photo above. The peplum can be paired with so many different additional garments: pants, shorts, pencil skirts, full a-line skirts, the possibilities are endless.

What fashion trend are you currently craving?



3 thoughts on “Craving // Peplums

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