Metamorphosis // Locks of Love Donor


Locks of Love donor.

Locks of Love donor.


Two years ago I graduated from the International Academy of Design & Technology with my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. I was ending my five year journey at Starbucks and starting my career as a Graphic Designer for a fantastic company that I am currently still employed with. With all of that change going on I also decided to cut ten inches off of my hair in celebration of my new chapter in life.

It has been another two years now and my hair grew out another eleven inches, so it was time to shake things up. Both times I have purposely grown out my hair to donate to Locks of Love, a great organization that creates high-quality hair prosthetics for children in the United States and Canada with a medical condition called alopecia areata that has no known cause or cure.

My friend Melissa cut my hair the first time two years ago and this year my friend Teresa cut my hair and both times I have been beyond pleased with the outcome. I already feel more confident and sassy with my new do, so thanks girls for giving me such great cuts that have given me great boldness.

Have you ever donated to Locks of Love? In what other ways have you all gone through a metamorphosis?





4 thoughts on “Metamorphosis // Locks of Love Donor

  1. I am so happy you did this! I have not donated, my hair won’t grow long enough. Any way, I always like to read stories like this. And you are so cute, Like your eyes.

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