Hats On, Hats Off

A handful of my hat collection.

A handful of my hat collection.

Hello my new friends!

My name is Becky and welcome to my blog, “bold + studded.” A place of fashion, design, and frivolous thinking.

One thing you should know about me is that I tend to wear an assortment of hats. The one I commonly wear is my Graphic Designer hat; it’s covered in sleek lines, geometric shapes, and of course, Helvetica. Another hat I am particularly fond of is my Working Out hat. It’s actually more like a beanie, but it’s a lovely yellow-green that breathes comfortably and is stamped with a large Nike logo on it. My third hat is one that I don’t get to wear too often, but it is one that is near and dear to my heart. That hat would be my Coffee Guru hat. I like to think that it is more like a crown rather than say a baseball cap since I spent five years at the ol’ Starbucks, but that might just be me. I get a lot of compliments on it though, might I add. Another hat I have actually just recently picked up is my Cooking toque. It’s your standard tall, white toque, but mine has a large yellow pin that says “Cook in Training.” I’ll never be a Giada de Laurentis, but I’m getting there. I hardly burn my cookies anymore, well, at least not all of them.

Now, this other hat, it’s awfully wonderful and I try to wear it as much as I can. It is a white fedora with a sleek black studded ribbon and a tiny little robin’s egg blue bow. This is my Fashion Enthusiast hat. I wear it most often on the weekends, out shopping with the ladies, and for coffee dates. Because of this fedora “bold + studded” was originated.

And lastly, my Gummi Bear Connoisseur hat. It’s a little silly, but it is a tiny little striped cap with about every color you could imagine. The best part is the little spinning propeller on top. Like I said, it’s a little silly, but it is definitely a conversation starter.

As I go through this walk of life, I constantly change my hats, and at times I wear almost all of them. I have some other hats collected, but these are the ones I wear the most and am most proud of. So stay tuned and see which hat I put on next.